Tuesday, 8 September 2015

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Famous Countries And Their Incredible Borders Which Are Beautiful

With the recent talk in media about immigration,we are likely to discuss about the countries and their borders.Some borders are peaceful and beautiful. While some of them are really secure to see even.
Vulguss will let you know them in detail.

1. UnitedKingdom & Spain
There is a runway between the two checkpoints of Spain (background) and Gibraltar (foreground).

2.Sweden & Norway

3. India & Pakistan
The orange light between India and Pakistan is formed by the large number of lights between the border.

4.China & Macau
This bridge separates both the countries and switches traffic from left(Macau) to right(China).

5. Slovakia & Poland
 There is a sign board on the mountain Rysy that indicates the border of these countries.

6.Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

Formerly called a quadripont(place where 4 nations meet),now has adjusted to two Tripoints(3 nations).

7. Spain & Portugal

8. Berlin
The streetlights in east Berlin still glow orange while in west Berlin they glow white.

9.Austria, Hungary & Slovakia

This small table is the meeting point of above three countries.

10.Netherlands & Belgium

Here NL is Netherslands and B is Belgium.This is the closest border.

11. UnitedStates & Mexico

on the left is California and on the right is Mexico.

12.Italy & VaticanCity

The entrance to St. Peter’s Square serves as the border between these two nations.

13.Germnay & Netherlands

The Eurode Business Center straddles the border between these two countries.But it takes a week for a letter to pass this metal line,i.e border.

14. Pakistan & Afghanistan
An American soldier patrols the area surrounding the Torkham Gate between the two countries.