Sunday, 6 September 2015

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Interesting Facts Of Rashtrapathi Bhavan,India Will Leave You In Shock

The Rashtrapati Bhavan of India is the symbol of national sovereignty and a mute witness of India's glorious history.

There are some interesting facts of Rashtrapathi Bhavan, which are really a wonder to you.

1.There are 340 rooms inside the palatial building, and is considered the world's biggest residence of a president. 

2. President resides in the guest rooms of Rashtrapathi Bhavan as most of the rooms are used by the British viceroys.

3. The money spent in constructing the Rashtrapati Bhavan was less than the money spent on two warships during that time.

4. The cost of building the bhavan was 1.45 crores which took 15 years for the construction, started in 1914 and inaugurated in 1931.

5.State Dinning Hall, now known as Banquet Hall. Can seat 104 persons. Portraits of all former Presidents embellish its walls. An assortment of medieval arms on display.

6. The Ashoka Hall,which gives the feel of a large jewel box, is a rectangle measuring 32 metres by 20 metres.It was originally built as the State Ballroom: it has a wooden floor,a central dance space, and three vestibules. Unlike most halls and chambers in Rashtrapati Bhawan, the Ashoka Hall has a painted ceiling.

7.Durbar Hall had a 2-ton chandelier hanging from a height of 33 meters well known as Throne Room during the British rule.

8.There is a museum in the Bhavan which consists of number of gift items received by the President during visits abroad or during India and from visiting Heads of State at New Delhi including a dry sunflower which adorned the mortal remains of Mahatma Gandhi on January 31, 1948, 1 K.M. long thread of superfine Khadi spun by a weaver in Nadia Dist. (West Bengal), the 640 Kg. silver chair used by King Emperor at the Delhi Durbar in 1911-12.  


9. The Moughal Gardens of Rashtrapathi Bhavan will be open to public during the months of February and March only. Exact dates changes.

10. President uses a buggy to move in and around the bhavan.